0 ➜ 1,000 Subscribers in 1 WEEK With 1 Video | How I Did It.

I spoke with JourneyFI earlier this week over email as I was impressed with this video that he produced.

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My Favourite Things This Week

🎥 Video I'm Watching

Casey Neistat's SECRET to Filmmaking - In a fascinating video, Jack Conte, founder of Patreon sits down with Casey Neistat, to delve into an intriguing question: what gives human storytelling an edge over AI?

The conversation was prompted by an experiment Neistat had conducted, where a vlog was scripted entirely by AI, specifically, ChatGPT. The result? Perhaps the least engaging content Neistat had ever produced.

Casey and Jack attempt to unravel the complexities that make Neistat's storytelling so captivating and distinctive. Even though they don't arrive at a definitive answer, they certainly make some interesting points. If you're interested in where we could creatively be going in this new world of AI, this is definitely worth a watch.

🎥 Another Video I'm Watching

We Paid $68k For A Mastermind - Here's What We Learned - In the video, online writer and 'Ship 30 for 30' founder, Dickie Bush, shares invaluable insights from an eye-watering expensive mastermind (I'm glad he's paying for it and not me!)

Bush unravels the '10-80-10 Rule' and the importance of recurring team meetings. He brings to light the overemphasis on paid ads and presents alternatives for a more balanced marketing strategy. Another highlight is his guide to effectively leveraging ChatGPT, a tool often misunderstood by many.

The video concludes with a focus on the long-term vision of building a sustainable business versus running short-term promotions. This video provides invaluable lessons for anyone interested in digital writing, business management, or efficient marketing strategies. Give it a watch!

🎥 And Another Video I'm Watching

0 ➜ 1,000 Subscribers in 1 WEEK With 1 Video | How I Did It. - I spoke with JourneyFI earlier this week over email as I was impressed with this video that he produced. In the video, he shares insights on how his first video on a new channel gained 1,000 subscribers in just a week. I recommend checking it out, but here's a short rundown:

  • A key factor of success was investing time into just one video.

  • In the first 48 hours, the click-through rate for the video was 12.5% with 8.8 impressions and an average view duration of 3 minutes and 56 seconds.

  • Create videos with a focus on the perspective of the viewer.

  • Thumbnail and title creation are essential and should complement each other and maintain the viewer's intrigue.

  • The first 30 seconds of the video are crucial, and getting to the point quickly is advised.

  • This video has many more in-depth strategies and takeaways that JourneyFI breaks down for you.

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