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Mr. Beast's Coaching Advice That Made a YouTuber $400k in One Month

Advice From The Beast of YouTube

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My Favourite Things This Week

🎥 Video I'm Watching

Mr. Beast's Coaching Advice That Made a YouTuber $400k in One Month - Earlier this week, I was recommended this video featuring Mr. Beast on The Joe Rogan Experience where he revealed some advice he gave to a creator which led to the creator making $400k in a single month.

Jimmy advises creators to focus on making one great video rather than many mediocre ones, as it is easier to get 5 million views on one video than 100,000 views on 50 videos. This clip (and the full podcast) is super dense with learnings about what it takes to be a successful YouTuber which I recommend you watch.

📖 Document I'm Reading

Maximising Your YouTube Success: Insights on the Algorithm - For years, I've been aware of Obsidian, but as a Notion enthusiast, I didn't give it much attention. However, this week, I took the time to explore Obsidian's note-taking capabilities, and I stumbled upon an excellent video by Dabi, whom I met in Ali Abdaal's Part-Time YouTuber Academy last year.

In the video, Dabi showcased how Obsidian is superb for linking ideas, thoughts, and notes, and I've already found it invaluable for creating and organizing my content. I also noticed that Dabi shared his notes on how the YouTube Algorithm works, which he created after spending hours watching multiple videos. As a YouTube consultant, I'm always seeking new ways to enhance my knowledge of YouTube, so I didn't hesitate to purchase the notes for £67. After reading through them, I'm happy I bought them as they taught me a thing or two.

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