This YouTube Update is a GAMECHANGER

Mario Joos is an interesting guy to follow on Twitter if you’re into YouTube Analytics, specifically anything retention-based.

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My Favourite Things This Week

🎥 Video I’m Watching

MrBeast Reveals his Biggest Project Ever - This week we found out a little more about Mr. Beast’s new Amazon Prime TV Show called Beast Games. Colin and Samir interviewed Jimmy about what will be his biggest project where 1,000 contestants will compete for a $5 million prize.

The exciting thing about this project is that Amazon has given Jimmy zero creative direction, they completely trust him to make the most bananas reality TV show of all time. It’s a pretty interesting listen as Jimmy talks at length about how this show will differ from his YouTube Channel content and how it will change the face of modern media as other platforms embrace influencers.

🎥 Video I’m Watching

Why I'm Closing My $15k p/m YouTube Scriptwriting Agency - This has been an interesting journey to watch unfold. As many of you know I have a podcast called Making It with George Blackman and Gwilym Sims-Williams as we talk all things YouTube. We’re scriptwriters, thumbnail designers, channel managers, and strategists who work with huge Creators and every week we catch up to talk all things YouTube.

Over the past few months we’ve discussed on the podcast George’s idea to start a scriptwriting agency as there’s a huge demand for writers and very little supply.

We’ve seen it move from an idea to a rough plan to then being launched and netting George over $15,000 per month which is just insane!

However, as you can probably tell by the title of that YouTube video, money isn’t everything as George has decided to close this agency down despite it being a success.

The biggest reason for this was that George had ignored the warning signs when deciding to start the agency as he knew it would take away a lot of time from his personal life mostly due to the need to manage scriptwriters.

It’s a refreshing video to watch as he’s completely open and transparent about how much he started to not enjoy his work for the sake of “more money” when that really shouldn’t be the north start of why we do what we do.

You may not be thinking of opening up an agency of your own, but I highly recommend you watch this video just to learn from George’s “mistake” as there are some key lessons you could apply to your own professional life when it comes to your career or a new side hustle.

🐦 Tweet I’m Reading

New YouTube Studio Update To Increase Views! - Mario Joos is an interesting guy to follow on Twitter if you’re into YouTube Analytics, specifically anything retention-based. He constantly puts out informative tweets and this one from him caught my eye earlier this week.

YouTube Studio is now letting us break down our video retention charts by different audience segments! This means we can see specifically how:

  • Subscribers and non-subscribers are sticking with our content.

  • The engagement differences between new and returning viewers.

  • The impact of organic versus paid traffic on our videos.

So, why is this a big deal?

This update is huge because it gives us a clearer picture of who's watching our videos and how different segments of our audience interact with our content.

It's not just about knowing how many views we get; it's about understanding who's behind these views and how they're engaging with our content.

This might not seem that big but trust me it is if you have a significant audience on your channel. Check out the full tweet from Mario as he goes into a little more depth than I have here.

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